We appreciate all the kind thoughts that our patients have written here and on the internet regarding their experience with our office.   Here is a sample of the comments and letters that have been sent to us...

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For the better part of two decades Dr. Lee has provided me the finest, the most precise, and the most perfect of care.  From the beginning when I was most concerned with solving specific and quite complicated problems, to maintaining my dental health over the years, Dr. Lee has always been available and ready to think through and clearly recommend the best actions to take.  That kind of detailed and careful approach, followed by a technical precision I call next to art, is what makes me happy to recommend Dr. Lee.  He works closely with his patients, always thinking about our long-term needs, and he follows through with astounding skill.  Dr. Lee’s Staff are all wonderfully talented and friendly people, something that is so very important to the whole experience.  Go to him if you want the best.

 -Marsha B.

I can’t say enough in support of Dr. Raymond Lee and his staff.  Mine was a complicated case.  Dr. Lee took a remarkable amount of time considering my treatment and presenting the alternatives to me.  Once treatment began, Dr. Lee and his staff were professional, friendly, and very thorough.  Dr. Lee was extremely attentive and detailed in his treatment.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  I have had a great deal of dental work done over my life but I have never received such professional thorough and friendly treatment as I received from Dr. Lee and his staff.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

 -Alison S.

Dr. Raymond Lee and his staff are highly skilled in their field of dentistry.  I had a difficult and complex case and consulted with several dentists before choosing Dr. Lee.  His vast knowledge and a great attention to detail is what set him apart.  He is a creative problem solver and thinks of solutions that are outside the box.  On top of that, his staff lives up to his standards and are extremely gentle and caring throughout each procedure, explaining it beforehand and taking care to see that the patient is comfortable.  A long and arduous process was made as accommodating as possible, thanks to Kristi in the front office.  My experience overall was extremely positive from beginning of treatment to a fantastic end result.  I would highly recommend Dr. Lee and his team to anyone needing expert dental care.

 -Sheila B.

I made the decision to take an active role in fixing my smile.  It was 30 plus years of visits to the dentist to maintain what I was left with after a car accident.  The accident left me with caps and the need to wear a partial.  The metal clips to hold the partial in place wore down other teeth causing me to have crowns or caps placed to support the prosthesis.

My regular dentist had been prompting me to go see Dr. Lee and Dr. Joe for several years.  I confess that I didn’t want yet another dentist in my mouth.  Dr. Lee and his associate, Dr. Joe, finished their work and have given me back my smile.  It is now a daily delight for me to see what they have done.

You will find that the office staff and dental technicians are an integral part of the team and that they are both kind and professional.  I sincerely recommend Dr. Lee, Dr. Joe, and their team to anyone that needs reconstructive dental care.

 -Maggie S.

I am writing to thank you for your work in making the partial for me recently.  And for your patience in teaching me how to insert and remove it.

This partial is many times superior to the one I had for 10 years and lost.  The previous one I could only wear for about  1.5 hours before it was hurting too much.  I can wear the one you designed all day.

Thank you again,

-Carol M.

I am a happy woman!  I have beautiful new teeth!

When I decided to pursue implants to replace some missing molars,  Dr. Joe guided me with thoughtfulness and meticulous care.

Because of Dr. Joe’s commitment to excellence, it is no surprise that the result is satisfying for both of us.  

-Judy R.

Dentists have always told me I had a problem mouth.  None of them could ever fix my problems.  Dr. Lee changed all of that.  Today my teeth are centered and spaced evenly, and my smile is whiter.  Dr. Lee spent much time working for this outcome.  He is meticulous in his work, and I’m very happy with my results.  I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me.

-Patricia M

Having Dr. Raymond Lee and his staff care for my teeth has been and is always a very positive experience.

Dr Lee has been taking care of my teeth for over 15 years and in that time he has created a bridge for me that has to be one of the most intensive and difficult bridge work in dentistry as it spans the whole upper front of my mouth.  I feel that only a Doctor with great skill and experience could produce a bridge of this quality and have it last for over ten years with the potential for another ten or more years.

For me “shot appointments” are the worst, and find that with Dr. Lee’s expertise and experience the shots are much more comfortable and I don’t fear them as much  - but in my mind a shot is still a shot so my body still goes rigid with white knuckles even though I can’t feel the actual shot.

Every procedure from fillings to cracked teeth was so professionally done that I feel it will last my lifetime.

I consider myself very fortunate in having Dr. Lee care for my teeth and for his efficient staff and fear for the day that he decides to retire.

-Naomi K. 

I have had extensive dental work done by Dr. Raymond Lee. Over a period of more than one year, Dr. Lee treated nine teeth with implants, crowns, and a bridge.

From the very beginning I could not have been treated more professionally, courteously, and kindly.  Dr. Lee’s consideration of my comfort and convenience was outstanding.  The entire staff treated me more like a valued friend than a patient.

The results were outstanding!  I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  Anyone considering prosthodontics should talk to Dr. Lee and his excellent associate Dr. Kevin Joe.

-Richard I.

Dr. Raymond Lee is simply the best. There is no one else who compares. I recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of dental care. My dental history, up until the time I had to great fortune to come into contact with Dr. Lee, was deserving of several journal articles and my dental hygiene was subpar at best. With the care of Dr. Lee and his staff, my dental health and hygiene are now without problems. I have had multiple implants by Dr. Lee with no problems and great comfort.

It doesn’t matter along what dimension you want to measure the quality of the care and treatment of provided by Dr. Lee:

    Treating me as a whole person, not just a dental problem

    Spending the time to really listen to what outcome I want

    Helping me understand my situation and my treatment options

    Clinical efficacy and efficiency

    Attention to detail and patient satisfaction

    Durability of the work

    Timely appointments

    Office staff that is knowledgeable and friendly

    Office environment that is welcoming

    A location that is easily accessible with parking

    Everyone has a sense of humor

No contest! Dr. Lee and Northwest Dental Implants & Prosthodontics are simply the finest.

-Barry M.                                

Dr Joe is amazing!  I came to him for a new partial ( I had the old one for over 17 years). Before he could start working on the partial he had to put a crown on a tooth to help anchor the new partial.  I was so comfortable with him and his staff than I had ever been with any other dentist.

He had a wonderful bedside manner, and always got my input on how the partial should look. He took his time and it was well worth it!  I was so impressed with his work and the way the new completed partial looked, I cried!  It looked so natural and blended well with my other teeth. 

He is a professional and I will continue to get check ups to make sure the partial is fitting well and definitely will refer others to him.

-Lori R.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the superlative care you have provided me since 2008.  Technically, I am sure you are among the very best in your field, but it is your attention to my personal comfort and satisfaction withe the process that really distinguishes you as a professional.

Your colleague, Dr. Joe, and your excellent staff demonstrate the same commitment to top-quality personable care.  I consider myself truly fortunate to be a patient at your office.


-Meg C.

Dr. M. Kevin Joe and Dr. Raymond Lee provided me excellent service in fitting me for my dentures.  I had previously went to 4 other dentists to get fitted for dentures,  all were inferior to the set that Dr. Joe and Dr. Lee provided to me.   I recommend them to anyone looking to get new dentures.


-Tong J.